Fun facts / statistics of my trip to New Zealand

Ever asked yourself how many km a day you can do on a motorcycle? How much the fuel will cost? What temperatures you can expect? Find it out here

This are obviously numbers that hugely depending on your travel stile, but this might give you an idea of what to expect.

On the bike

First off, while traveling on the motorcycle.

General numbers

Total days                                           368
Total KM                                        42’214.4
Avg KM per day                                  115

Amount of days driven                    190
Avg KM per day driven                   223

This means, I roughly driven only every other day. This was a bit surprising, but I think this is mostly due to a long break in Laos as well as Bangkok where I spent Christmas as well as New Year. Additionally, the wait for the bike while in Cargo did always take a long time.



Longest time on the bike in one day        10h 30min          Somewhere in New Zealand
Most KM in one day                                     492                      Kazakhstan
Max speed                                                      144 km/h            German Highway

The actual max speed was much higher, but my tracker only tracks every 10 minutes, so “max speed” is more accurately “maximum average speed during 10 minutes”. I know I did more than 144 km/h on the German highway (no speed limits).


Max height                                                     4’701.12m           China
Min temperature while driving                      -7.5°C              China
Max temperature while driving                       39°C               Australia

The temperature in Dubai was a lot higher (44°C), but I didn’t have a chance to drive around there. And 39° is already nearly too warm to drive around in with all the motorcycle gear.


Lowest fuel price                                    0.42 USD/l    Kazakhstan
Average fuel price                                   1.25 USD/l
Highest fuel price                                   2.33 USD/l    New Zealand


Wear parts

3 sets of tires

2 sets of rear brake pads

1 chain

I’m still surprised that I didn’t need to replace my front brake pads, I’m still carrying around my spare ones from back home.


Other numbers

Some other stats I found, more of a general nature.

Photos taken                                    4’384
Videos taken                                    1’241
Storage for pictures / videos         926 GB
Total Storage                                   2.14 TB

I have some map data, backups from my notebook, general copies of important documents, music collection and more on my external storage as well, that’s why I needed so much space.

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