Back in Europe… aka; Portugal

A long wait in Lisbon, some nice roads and an updated plan… All that happened in Portugal 😊

The long wait

So, I thought I planned it all perfectly this time. No long waiting for the bike to arrive, no special paperwork and I should be able to pick up my bike within a few day after I arrived in Lisbon. Well, I was wrong again.

First off, the cargo company told me the purging of the bike (removing the fuel) which I did by a garage in Auckland, was not accepted by the Airline. So they had to bring back the bike to the motorcycle dealer, he had to do it again, and then they could finally put it on a plane. Delay of around one week. I used this time to contact a local BMW dealer to make sure the handlebar can be fixed easily. He told me no problem “we will have the bar next business day”. I was confident that I could finally go riding soon after the bike arrived.

When the bike finally came in, I went to the airport first thing, and put it back together (they had to dismantle some small things for the plain. I went to the BMW dealer I spoke to a few days before, and told him here is the bike, fix it. Then he started to explain to me, that there is no handlebar available in Portugal and he needs to order it from Spain. And from “next business day” he went to “in four days”. Which was a disappointing thing for me. I basically told him to “fuck off” (obviously in a nicer way) and went to another dealer. He told me the same thing, so I had no other chance then to wait another four days to leave Lisbon.

In the end, it gave me some time to catch up with some administrative tasks and also have a look around Lisbon.



The nice roads

Once I finally got my bike back, I headed north east first, towards Porto. What a nice ride up there, especially along Douro river. The area is generally very “hilly” with a lot of small, twisty roads only with some villages along the way, where you can always find a good restaurant with coffee. Real coffee, not the instant-coffee I had the last several weeks. What a nice change.  And it was getting nice and warm in Portugal, so temperatures around 30° were the norm.


Updated plan

During my time in Lisbon I had plenty of spare time to think about how to drive back home. Since I don’t have a lot of money and therefore time left, I decided to definitively postpone my trip to Morrocco and Africa in general for the next time. So now I’m slowly on the way back home.

I’m not sure yet if I will update this blog again, since it’s “only” Europe 😊



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