One of the most impressive cities I’ve seen… aka; Dubai

I’ve been now to a few different cities, but nothing prepared me for Dubai…

I got what I was looking for. After the rather cold time in New Zealand, I was looking for a warmer place to stay for a few days while the bike is taking a flight to Lisbon. So, I decided to go to Dubai and was not disappointed. Over 40°C all the time, maybe in the middle of the night something a little bit below 40°. For the first time I was happy to have an AC in my room.
The city is just unbelievable. So many top modern buildings, even the old town looks like it’s all brand new. From sky scrapers that tower almost everything else I’ve seen, shopping malls designed with the charm of old bazars with a lot of alleys and small stores everywhere but with the comfort of the full air conditioning, to marvellous beaches. Everything was just amazing here in Dubai.
What I wasn’t aware of, was the fact that Ramadan just started. Which means no drinking (not meaning no Alcohol, but no drinking at all), no smoking and no eating during the day, except in your hotel room. Which was a really interesting experience and I tried to follow those rather simple rules, but usually I didn’t survive the “no drinking” in the heat. So I just planned to do the sightseeing in such a way, that I could go back to the hotel every now and then to get something to drink.

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