Cost of living: New Zealand

I’m sitting here in a nice Hostel enjoying the view out on the old, typical buildings of Lisbon and had a day of doing some admin tasks like paying bills (yes, even after nearly a year in holidays I still have to do that) and filling in everything I spent into my budget for New Zealand. And what a shock. By far the most expensive country so far..

I don’t really know what happened. The transportation costs exploded, it’s just expensive to send the bike and myself to and from New Zealand. But also, if I ignore the transportation costs, it was still a really expensive country. I guess one of the key factors is the weather which prohibited me from going camping. The cold weather was just too much, below 5° it’s not comfortable anymore in a tent especially in the morning with the dew making everything wet. And after that the frost comes in, which is even worse. Anyway, here are the average costs I had in New Zealand

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