Where to next?

So, after being on the road for 332 days I arrived and driven all the way around New Zeeland, the declared goal I set for this journey. But the more I thought about going home, or more specifically going back to a «normal» live of working, I discovered I’m not ready for it yet. So, it is time to come up with a new plan…

Two of the main goals I always thought about while discussing this topic with myself and also fellow travellers were those:

  • Experiencing again a “non-western” culture
  • Finishing the round the world trip

After some struggles finding at least rough estimates on what it would cost me to fly the bike out of New Zealand, I came up with the following possible routes:

Plan «blue»; Send myself and the motorcycle to south America, drive up to maybe Mexico and go back home from there. I assumed that south America would be something different again and it would make the round the world trip complete.

Unfortunately, the estimates of the transport just to Chile were up to 4500 USD, apparently, they just recently started to apply really strict regulations on transporting motorcycles on plains.

Plan «red»; Get the bike to USA, enjoy the live there for a while and send it back home. This would just mean I could reach the «around the world» trip, but even though the landscape in the USA must be beautiful, it would be another «western» country.

The estimates to bring the bike to the states was around 2500 USD, with an additional 1500 USD to get from USA back to Europe.

Plan «green»; Get the bike back to Europe, as far away as possible from Switzerland and enjoy a bit of traveling around, with a possible detour to Morocco.

The estimates for this plan was around. 3200 USD


Since south America was just too expensive for my budget I decided to take the route to USA. After some more research into that topic I found out that it would probably take 3 weeks just to get the necessary permits, and I just wouldn’t have enough of a budget to support me either 3 weeks in New Zealand or in the USA to wait for the paperwork to clear. Therefore, I decided to go for the «green» option, with the additional bonus that I just must do all of America on my next trip.

So that is the current plan. I got the fuel of the bike drained and handed it over to the cargo company. They are now in the progress of finding a flight and packing it up, while I enjoy a few days here in Dubai.

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