Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong – Part 5

Just a few minor things..

It’s been a while since anything went really wrong on my trip, so just some minor things that happened.

Health Issues – Day 6 in Malaysia

No Idea how it happened, but for a few days I had this strange sensitivity for temperature on my teeth. I thought it’s just a usual something and didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. But one day in KL I saw that the gums on one tooth retracted and exposed a part of it that probably never experienced hot and cold before. As it so happened right across the street from where I was staying was a dentist. Payed him a visit (mostly to ask what to do). He checked everything, told me it’s an easy fix and he just had time to do it. Since I had time and nothing better to do anyway I decided to fix it. Half an hour later, everything was good again, and that for only 75 USD. So, thanks to the random dentist in Kuala Lumpur 😊

Minor Bike-stuff – Day 8 in Malaysia

I noticed that my boxes do take on water and since it’s raining everyday here in Malaysia this was getting annoying. Easy fix? Just stop at a random KTM dealer (was just the first shop that came along) and asked them to drill holes in the bottom of my boxes, so the water can get out again. Everything in there is in a waterproof bag anyway.


While doing that, I once again noticed that the chain got too loose again, even though I just fixed it a few days ago. And now there is no more room to extend the back wheel any further. As it so happened the garage had a spare chain around, so we exchange the chain after 30’000 km. Luckily the sprockets are still fine.

Rain and cold – Day 8 in New Zealand

So I knew since a few weeks now that basically all my gear is not waterproof anymore. But this was not a too big of an issue since it was usually far too warm to care if I got wet or not. But now here in New Zealand, it can get cold, specially if the gloves get wet, since I get a lot of wind on my hands. So what to do? Buy a new pair of gloves? Nah, too expensive. Just get a plastic bag and put it over your gloves. Works surprisingly good, you only need to find somebody to tie a knot for you, couldn’t find out how to bind one yet with only one hand.


Aggressive wildlife – Day 20 in New Zealand

Since China I carried around a small panda which was accompanied by a small Kangaroo since Australia. They were keeping me company on the road and were also some small souvenirs I could bring back home. But the birds here in New Zealand didn’t like those foreign animals very much. One day when I was not riding I came back to the bike to find the Kangaroo decapitated and the poor pandas but was.. ähhm.. damaged.  So sorry to everybody that wanted a souvenir back home, they just got destroyed by the local wildlife.

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