Reaching my planned destination… aka; New Zealand part 1

Before going on to this journey I did some measure of planning, and it came down to the target “let’s go to New Zeland”. Why? Just because it’s supposed to be a really nice country and I figured I run out of money here. So I finally reached my planned destination, let’s get on the bike and explore it..

The cities get smaller when you leave Auckland, but still you can find everything you need quite comfortably. And all of them are surrounded with spectacular landscapes.
And yes, as a Tolkien-Fan I had to go to Hobbiton. It is super touristy, and the tourists are stuffed in busses that leave every 5 to 10 minutes. So it is crowed there, but just a must-go if you are a fan.

And once you leave the small cities, there are just so many nice places to discover. Green hills that seem to go on forever, wild an rough coasts which seem to be a paradise for surfers (maybe I should get a lesson in surfing somewhere here in NZ), to snowy mountains… You can find it all here in New Zealand.

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  1. Reto says:

    Lieber Beni
    Mit grossem Interesse verfolge ich nun schon seit 10 Monaten deine interessanten und amüsanten Blog-Beiträge. Einfach nur Chapeau was du da machst! Ich wünsche dir weiterhin viele unvergessliche Erlebnisse und eine gute Fahrt.
    Liebe Gruess Reto

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