Temples and Bangkok… aka; the centre of Thailand

So after the breath taking roads in the north, I decided to head south.

After the north, the roads leading towards Bangkok were just boring. But still in good condition.

Along the way you will find lots of sightseeing spots, I visited lots of temples which are all really worth a visit in my opinion. The most famous amongst them would be the temple complex near Ban Mueang Kao and Phra Prang Sam Yot (also known as the monkey temple). The monkey temple is specially worth mentioning, since it is in the middle of a small town and wild monkeys running around the town as well. Which must be a nightmare if you live there; I noticed that all the people always close the doors, have to make their rubbish “monkey-prove” and I don’t want to start mentioning all the poor people that have to take care of the phone-lines on which the monkeys constantly climb around. But it’s fun to stay there for a night. But be warned; The monkeys get up early in the morning and they are really loud.

Bangkok is a huge city (in the centre live more than 8 Million people). And there is quite a lot to do, from more temples to shopping malls and the worlds largest market. Specially interesting for me were all the motorcycle shops. Touratech, Held, Schuberth.. all no problem to find and also a lot of friendly bikers around Bangkok. So, I spent more or less my first week in motorcycle shops, which turns out is quite expensive for me :). After some thinking I also decided to celebrate New Year in Bangkok, which was the right decision. A big crowd which was also mixed with a lot of tourist and just a generally good feeling. The fireworks was surprisingly nice and the after party was even better. If you ever have the chance and are into more fancy holidays, than you just must go there.

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  1. Kevin Lee says:

    Hey. Saw your bike at the Ranong hotel. I just checked in as well & also on a bike. Would love to hear your stories. Email me back cheers!

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